Sunday, January 24, 2010


It’s a Day, a day again.. The silent wind besides the window whispers in my ears, "Wake Up...” There is something mystic in the morning air!! There always is... The sun rises in front of my window... Sheer beauty I witness everyday rising from behind the hillock. And within moments my room shines in gold!! The sparkle of the guitar strings blinds me almost. Left wondering am I about everything!! Oh it’s an Eldorado my room, it really is!! This is where I stand now, this is where I am, this is my new Home, My new life!! I Am Reincarnated... I miss my dear ones far away. Music here is life, life here is music!! Fortunate am I, writing this; pondering and gleaming deep into my thoughts, wondering what it would have been if it was not this way? But it is, and yes it is!! The wind whispers again, “You’ve got to study buddy!!” And so I’ve got to study... Damn it!! Why is the wind always right?? Cheers... To A New Life, A New Beginning...

- 7:45 am, 20th December 2009

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