Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finding Myself In This Guitar

This is not my own.. but still it feels so mine... so real and so true... and i feel i connect with it with an eternal bond!! For which i have this piece of work here... so that i can have it forever...

Theres blood running down my fingers
From the strings of this guitar
Tears stain it's polished wood
As I'm trying to find myself in the stars
Looking out this window
With my guitar in my hands
I cradle it close to my heart
Because it is the sole thing that understands
It never asks me why
Never wants me to explain
It simply accepts the strumming
That is the symphony of my pain
My guitar has seen the secrets
No one else will ever see
But no matter what it knows
It doesn't turn away from me
These strings cut my thumb and fingers
Bidding them to bleed
But the blood and pain is worth it
For the few hours that I am free
Living in my music
Sheltered in the sound
It holds me in its tight embrace
And picks me up after I hit the ground
I see no greater compassion
Nothing more heart warming has come thus far
As the boundless love and devotion
I get from this guitar
My companion and my confidante
The angel that helps me by
The best comfort there can be
From something that can't wipe the tears from my eyes
I've felt nothing so intense
As long as I have lived
Than when my fingers intertwine with the strings
And we pour out all the love we can give
My heart may be bleeding and broken
But this guitar will find the glue
To put it back together the way it was
Before our song is through
And as I'm looking out this window
Unable to find myself in the stars
I look at the instrument in my hands
And realize that I have found myself in this guitar...

Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

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  1. nyc one on the guitar dude....
    music is the best medium to communicate oneself with..
    Hope it did understand you .. :)
    Keep blogging